Interpersonal Issues Counseling

Interpersonal issues are characterized by feeling isolated from people and/or not knowing how to create meaningful, emotionally intimate connections with others.

Adolescence can be a difficult life stage from an interpersonal perspective. Young people are developing their own identities while navigating the social subcultures of middle school, high school or college. Many young people at some point feel that they struggle to fit in, experience bullying or turbulent friendships, or problems with dating and intimate relationships.

Interpersonal Issues Counseling

For parents, these issues can be particularly troubling and scary because the adolescent often pulls away from close parental bonds and stops sharing his/her concerns within the family. Parents may see their child struggling emotionally, academically and/or socially and feel unable to help. Worse still, efforts by parents to reach out are often rebuffed by the child. Often an adolescent will agree to reach out to a mental health professional and share their concerns and feelings. Mr. Attryde has many years of experience working with parents, young adults and children with interpersonal issues.

When to seek Interpersonal Issues Counseling

If you believe, or those around you believe, that your symptoms may be impairing your life in troubling ways, then it may be time to seek help. There are treatments available to assist you in managing your symptoms and improving your quality of life. Contact us for a free consultation.