Child Custody Court Evaluations

Our Child Custody Court Evaluations are conducted by a qualified licensed mental health professional with extensive experience in family and child psychology, and with families in transition.Parents believe they know what is in the best interest of the child. However, in court, only a judge will decide what is in the best interest of the child. To assist the court in the adjudication process, Child Custody Court Evaluations provide a Parenting Plan recommendation included in a full clinical report.

Child Custody Court Evaluations

By asking parents to meet together to outline their issues and concerns and by promoting the importance of co-parenting skills in sustaining the final arrangement, parents are defined as parenting partners who will continue to have an important relationship with each other long after a divorce decree ends the marriage.

One cannot underestimate the benefit to children when parents can agree on a custody arrangement rather than engaging in protracted legal proceedings. For that reason, we believe that the Child Custody Evaluation process is helpful to parents and children and encourages the emotional healing necessary when families are forced to restructure.

Who can benefit from Child Custody Court Evaluations?The goals of the conciliation/evaluation procedure are to resolve the custody dispute, to provide the court with meaningful information and recommendations for resolving the dispute, and to curb existing tensions between the parents. Parents, all children, and collaterals are expected to participate at the discretion of the evaluator.

When to seek Child Custody Court EvaluationsOur counselors are trained to provide support for a countless number of Child Custody Court Evaluations issues. Please contact us for a free Child Custody Court Evaluations consultation