newtown counseling and evaluation services

newtown counseling and evaluation services

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Providing effective individual, adolescent and couple counseling services. NCES welcomes all clients from diverse backgrounds. NCES has extensive experience assisting men and women, boys and girls from a wide spectrum of race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation and religion and age group in the areas listed below:


"Mr. Attryde’s presence and insight successfully influences me to have more productive interactions and relationships, especially with my husband. When I was diagnosed with a chronic medical condition 14 years ago I was told then to get a therapist but I never got a solid referral from anyone so the idea got rapidly dropped. So thanks to David things are back on track again and have stayed there ever since. So consider this letter a sincere and heartfelt appreciation of his wonderful service". K.H.

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Licensed Professional Counselor presented at statewide conferences on treating adolescents and families. Mr. Attryde has considerable experience working with adults, children and families with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, grief, sexual issues, interpersonal conflict, couples counseling, divorce and custody issues, domestic violence and personal trauma. Read More

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Individual Effective Counseling Services We are highly committed to your emotional health and personal growth. Our practice continues to expand each year because of our dedication to service and the personalized treatment of our patients. Read More